Chapter Duties & Responsibilities


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                        The assigned Local Chapter for breakfast or dinner is responsible for purchasing their own supplies needed to prepare and serve the meal.  All paper products listed on the inventory list will be purchased as needed for the outings/rally by the Secretary.  Any specialty items needed for your meal, should be purchased by the chapter.  A count of members planning on attending an outing or Rally will be available after the 15th of the month of the outing or Rally.  You should be contacted by the State President or Treasurer on the numbers.  Be sure to allow 10% extra for late arrivals and drive-ins.

An   Expense Reimbursement Request Form, included in the packet, is to be filled out and receipts attached.  This is to be given to the State Treasurer and reimbursement of your expenses will be done before the outing or rally is over.

An inventory of the club trailer as of September 30,2007 in also included..  Please use what supplies are available.  At the end of the breakfast or dinner, mark off what you have used and add to the list any unopened leftovers that are going into the trailer and give the update to the Secretary. A new inventory list will be e-mailed each time to the chapter listed for the next outing/rally. 

The Club encourages new menu ideas for breakfast and dinner.  A recommendation of $3.00 per person for breakfast and $5.00 per person for dinner is suggested.

After meals, wash dishes, sweep and mop kitchen floor and take out the kitchen trash as needed.

Return all supplies and equipment to the club trailer, unless needed by the next group.

Parking Placement Forms

Parking Map


            The Chapter assigned for Parking should have at least two members on the grounds on Wednesday before the Spring and Fall outing and Tuesday before the June Rally. Use the parking detail sheets that are in your packet.

Parkers are responsible to place the following signs—two highway signs (Illinois Indian Logo and arrow) at the intersection of Hwy. 49 and the road leading to the Fairgrounds.  One Handicap sign (Logo with handicap emblem) to be placed at the appropriate area.  One Register Here Sign and one WIT Stop Sign to be placed in front of the first road for camping.  Eight Alphabet Signs—used to identify each row for parking.  Orange Flags—used to mark each parking area at the front and back of each site.  Each site is approximately 30 feet wide.  These items are found in the club trailer which will be inside the main building.

Parkers will lead each coach to their respective site and make sure that the coach is parked correctly.  All coaches are to be parked at an angle with driver side of coach approximately 3 feet from the orange flag so that when slide-outs are in the out position they are not beyond the orange flag. If they wish to park without removing tow car, place them in the last row.

Parkers need to keep a record of each coach that comes on the grounds.  The records should include name, WIT number and date of arrival.  Illinois Indians Parking Placement sheet is in your packet to record this information.  The treasurer will make up a list of all pre-registered attendees and will e-mail to the Chapter President before the outing or Rally.  If someone arrives that is not on the list, simply add their name, WIT number and date of arrival to the bottom of the Treasurer’s list.  This list is to be turned into the Treasurer at the end of each day of parking.  The list will be returned before the next day of parking duties.

At the end of the outing or Rally (Sunday), all signs, flags, and canopies (if used during the Rally) should be returned to the club trailer.


          10 Spaces:  front row, facing the entrance road to the campground.


            Parking Spaces:  A1—Parking Captain

                                        A2 thru (amount needed)—Parking Crew 


          Parking Spaces:  B1—State President

                                           B2—State Vice-President

                                           B3—State Secretary

                                           B4—State Treasurer

            If the State Officer is not present, please leave the space empty.

                                           B5 thru (if needed—Parking Crew)—members attending outing



          Parking for the members attending outing

            For the Spring and Fall outing use the first 12 spaces in each row.  For the Rally, adjust if             needed.

            During the Rally use C1 and D1 for Area Representatives and any other National Officers



Vendors that choose to camp with us and may have another brand of camper, shall be placed by the shower house.  Electric and Water hookup are available at this site.



            The Local Chapter assigned for Coffee and Drinks are asked to follow these guidelines:

 Coffee pots, coffee, etc. has to be unloaded from the Club trailer.  All the coffee items are in one large container and we would like to keep the items in the same place.  Coffee is to be prepared for Friday morning of Outings and Rally.  The small coffee pot is to be used for water only (for hot tea & hot chocolate). This may be moved up to Wednesday, use your own judgment.   Directions for making coffee are in the duty book.

Keep pots going the entire day. The night before (starting Thursday night) prepare two pots of regular coffee and one pot of decaf coffee.  Prepare the small coffee pot with water for tea.  In the morning (about 6:00a.m.) designate one person to see that all coffee pots are plugged in. Plug two coffee pots into the extension cord and plug the extension cord into the receptacle. Plug the other into a different wall receptacle. Place the drink table under the glass case on the east wall of the main room.

Lemonade and Iced tea are to be prepared for the Outing/ Rally starting Friday. With the water being what it is, lemonade can be kept overnight (not mandatory) but tea must be dumped and remade each day.  Lemonade can be “added to”. This may be moved up to Wednesday, use your own judgment. (We have gallon bags for iced tea) Ice may be purchased at Casey’s or ask the VP to get the ice for you.

All coffee pots / cooler jugs used are to be cleaned inside and out before being placed in the Club trailer after worship services Sunday morning.  All “parts” are to be kept with each pot.  Please do not use our dishtowels to wipe out the inside of the coffee pots, use a paper towel.

            Before placing the supplies back in the large container, update the inventory list of amounts used and give to the Secretary.  Please make sure all coffee supplies go back in the one large container marked for coffee and place back in the trailer.

Weather plays a very important part of this duty please, make the necessary adjustments.


            The Local Chapter assigned for decorations for our Rally is to contact the President to make sure they are going along with the theme of the event.

            The stage decorations must be up early Wednesday morning.

Walls may or may not be decorated.  Do not use staples.

Tables decorated for Saturday’s Rally dinner must be finished by 4:00p.m.

            You will be reimbursed by the Illinois Indians for monies spent for decorations.  Attached is the expense reimbursement request form, please attach all receipts to this form and give to the Treasurer.  Illinois Indians would like to keep the decorations at no more than $125.00 , if possible.  However, if you find you are in need of more funds, contact the President who will take it to the Board for a decision and you will be notified of the decision.



            Obtain from the President the arrangements required each day for meals, general assemblies, seminars, and crafts.

            Sweep main hall, entry and kitchen area, as needed, before event starts.  (Wednesday for Rally, Thursday for regular Outing/Meetings).

            Set up table and chairs each day, sufficient for number of attendees that day and class sizes for crafts and seminars.

            At the end of the event, after worship services or if there is no services after 9:00a.m., place all tables and chairs away from all rooms; sweep all rooms, as needed.  Chairs are marked A, B, C and must go on the correct “rack”.  Deposit waste and garbage in drums or dumpster outside the building. Mop entry and kitchen area, if needed.

            Assist in gathering all ILLINOIS INDIANS property and place in the club trailer.  Please make sure items are placed in the appropriate containers.


             The Local Chapter assigned for games is responsible for the activity or activities they have selected.  The Local Chapter will be responsible for setting up and running the event (s) and will be responsible for cleaning up after the event (s).

Please keep the president informed of what you are planning for your activities.

Included in the duty notebook are rules and score sheets/bracket sheets for Beanbag Baseball, One Hole Washer Toss, Three Hole Washer Toss and Hillbilly Golf.

Game prizes (or medals) should be purchase for first and second place.  Reimbursement form for expenses will be in the duty notebook.

    A recommendation (if possible) is to start pre-elimination rounds for Washer Toss on Friday.