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Article 1 – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Fourwinds Winnies Chapter of Winnebago International Travelers.


Article II – Chapter Colors & Symbols

The chapter colors are red, white and blue.  The chapter symbol will be a weathervane.


Article III – Purposes & Objectives

1.  Basic purpose:  To promote fellowship, friendship and fun among all members of WIT; to foster and develop recreational, social, and travel opportunities for the enjoyment, pleasure and use of the members of WIT; and to encourage gatherings and outings on local levels.

2.  Objectives:  To assist in protecting member’s rights as private RV owners.  To serve as a feedback mechanism to Winnebago Industries for the development of new motor homes of high quality.

Article IV – Membership & Dues

Section 1 – The chapter was formed as part of Winnebago International Travelers.

Section 2 – Any person or persons who is/are a WIT member(s) in good standing is eligible for membership in the Fourwinds Chapter.

Section 3 – The annual dues for the Fourwinds Winnies Chapter shall be determined by the membership each year based on a projected budget.

Section 4 – Any WIT or non-WIT member may not attend more than two meetings without joining the Chapter and WIT.

Section 5 – owners of units other than Winnebago Industries RV’s may not attend Chapter functions as a guest (except at a Friendship Rally).

Section 6 – honorary members will be those persons who have been past members and have been active in the Chapters activities.  They may not vote or be owners of X-brands.  They will be voted on by the membership.


ARTICLE V – Officers


Section 1 – Officers


A. The officers shall consist of at least a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, all of whom shall perform the duties that usually pertain to these respective offices.

B. Officers will be elected at the annual meeting.  The office of President shall not hold office more than 5 consecutive one year terms.  Person must be out of office as President 2 years before being able to return back as president.

C. The office of Vice President may be exempted from the above requirement.

D. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be exempted from the above requirements and may be combined.

E. Couples may serve as co-officers in recognition of the important role spouses play in support of each other as officers.


Section 2 – Vacant Office


            If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice-President shall become President for the remainder of the elected President’s term.  If a vacancy occurs in any other office, the Chapter or Club shall elect a successor who shall hold office for the unexpired term.


Section 3 – Others


            Other officers may include wagonmaster, youth coordinator and additional VP’s.


ARTICLE VI – Committees


Section 1 – The Board of Directors shall be composed of the current officers and immediate past President.


Section 2 – The Program Committee shall consist of the Vice-President and additional members as needed and shall be responsible for the monthly programs and entertainment.


Section 3 – The Nominating Committee consisting of three persons shall be appointed by the President.  This committee will meet prior to the September meeting to prepare a slate of officers and present it to the Chapter at the September. Other nominations may be presented from the floor at the October meeting.  Newly elected officers shall preside at the December meeting.


Section 4 – Committees may be appointed by the President upon approval by the Chapter and shall act for the duration of their assigned task or until the end of the Chapter year.


ARTICLE VII – Meetings


Section 1 – Regular meetings of a local Chapter shall as far as practical, be held March thru December the day and hour to be fixed by the Chapter.  Additional meetings may be held if so decided by the Chapter.


Section 2 – Each year, the annual meeting shall be the meeting at which officers shall be elected, such officers to take office at the December meeting.


Section 3 – Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President or by any three members of the Chapter upon notification to all members.


Section 4 – A quorum of the Chapter shall consist of 15% of all members.


ARTICLE VIII – Fiscal Year


Section 1 – The fiscal year of the Chapter shall begin December 1 of each year and end November 30.


Section 2 – Prior to accepting the fiscal year report, the outgoing President shall appoint an Audit committee consisting of no more than three members to audit the finances from the previous year.  The Audit committee is expected to complete its work during the meeting, campout or rally when the new officers are installed.  The Audit Committees report shall become a part of the record of the Chapter or Club.


Section 3 – At the beginning of the fiscal year, Winnebago International Travelers headquarters will be furnished with a list of new officers and membership list.




Section 1 – By-laws may be adopted or amended at any regular meeting.   Changes will be published at least 30 days prior to a vote.


Section 2 – In case of disagreement, Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern on any item not specifically covered by these By-laws.


ARTICLE X – Expulsion/Reinstatement of Chapter Members


Section 1 – A member may submit a petition with the support of 2/3rds majority of the Chapter members through the President to the Board for confirmation or denial of their petition.  The Board’s decision should concur with the majority of the members.


Section 2 – A member may submit a request for expulsion through the President to the Board.  The Board should review the request and make a recommendation to the membership.  To approve the decision, the majority must vote its support.


Section 3 – The person named in the petition or request has the right to reply to the charges in writing prior to the action being taken.


Section 4 – In either case, the expulsion/reinstatement of the member is based on 2/3rds majority of the Chapter membership.  The Board does not have the sole power to expel/reinstate.

Section 5 -  In either process, the Board should not vote against the wishes of the majority members.

Section 6 – After the process is complete, documentation should be sent to WIT in Forest City, IA.