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Wagon Masters Duties

The Wagon Masters are responsible for taking home from the campouts, the coffee pots, griddles and supply totes. Be sure and check the totes to see that you have the needed supplies for the next month. If articles are needed please contact the President or Treasurer and inform them as to what supplies are needed.

During the month that you have supplies, griddles and coffee pots, please check to see that they are clean. If not please clean them thoroughly as it is very hard to clean them thoroughly at the campgrounds.

It is helpful if the wagon masters help members find a site to park as they come in and help them get parked.

Wagon masters are responsible for:
  1. Firewood and building a fire for the wiener roast on Friday night and the rest of the weekend.
  2. Keeping the coffee pots brewing for the entire weekend. Both Caffeinated and decaffeinated.
  3. Preparing Breakfast on Saturday morning of the campout
  4. Make Coffee by 8:00 AM. Pots can be cleaned up after Sunday Morning non-denominational worship service.
  5. Clean pots and griddles as best you can for next wagon masters and also inform them as to what supplies might be needed before the next campout.
  6. Keeping the area tidy. A garbage bag should be made available in the pavilion or eating area.