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Our original plans did not plan out.  Our plan “B” did not plan out.  Seems there are five schools in the Kentucky area called “Land Between the Lakes”  that were out on fall break.  So plan “C” (Is there such a thing?) was initiated.  We camped at Calvert City, Ky in the Cypress Lake Campground.  It is only a few miles from plans “A” and “B”.  LEW has been here before.  It has all the amenities for a very reasonable price.  So we were happy.


One of our members traveling nearby headed to Alabama stopped for a fast visit at the DQ.  It was quite chilly this week end but never too cool for ice cream.


Cadiz (pronounced Kadies) held their 42nd annual ham festival.  Driving the scenic route down the trace through the Land Between the Lakes (LBL) it took us about an hour.  There were several vendors and booths, but we were highly disappointed to learn no ham on Friday.  They have the big ham sandwich on Saturday.  We did see a pig performance.  Learning they use Broadbent hams took us to Kuttawa (pronounced Ka-ta-wa) to their warehouse. We were offered a tour of the facility which we graciously took.  Their hams are smoked at the same location.  We couldn’t get enough of the smell.  We left some of our money there and came home with ham, bacon, etc.


Saturday morning we again drive down the trace to the Planetarium.  They were showing a very informative film “Sun, Moon and Stars”.  There is a nice museum about the LBL and surrounding area.  Guess I should say that LBL has Kentucky Lake to the West side and Lake Barkley to the East.  The trace is about 45 miles in length starting in Kentucky and ending in Tennessee.  It’s a beautiful drive with side attractions such as the visitors center, elk and bison prairie, 1850 Homeplace, etc.


We had a nice lunch in Grand Rivers then enjoyed their 41st annual parade during   their Harvest Moon Festival.  Grand Rivers is known for the famous “Patti’s Restaurant” unfortunately it recently burned.  Good news is the foundation is being formed.  Ninety carved pumpkins were on display at the community center.


Later that evening we were entertained at the Badgett Playhouse.  The Kid and the King was performed by Terry Michael Jefferies.  He meet Elvis Presley at the age of 15 at a performance in Las Vegas and was hooked from then on.  He was not an impersonator.  He sang several of Elvis’ songs but being his own self.  Elvis’ advise to him was to be his own self.  Lovely evening!!


We had two pot luck dinners.  Sunday morning we treated ourselves to breakfast at the Waffle House.  Then it was time to go home.


Submitted by:

Linda Burlison