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 FALL 2017


Fall has arrived but Mother Nature hasn't reset her calendar yet - she thinks its still July.  Do you remember any other late September when we were still having 90 degree temperatures?  Do you remember any other late September when the Corn and the BEANS are being harvested?  This is almost unreal.  Is it Global Warming or is it just a way of having a few more fall days to wear shorts, flip flops and short sleeves????


We had such a beautiful weekend for our outing here at Galesburg East Campground near Knoxville.  Those who were camping that weekend were Willard & Martha Carroll, Dick & Joyce Jones, Gene Reinholtz and his friend Edwenna Mels.  We were also lucky to have Ned & Betty Flesher with us for the evening Friday and for most of the day Saturday.  Jan Schirmer and her beloved Bob were also here from Florida visiting so they spent the days with us too.  Honorary Members are special and we are always thrilled when they come back to be with us for a day.


Friday evening Willard and Martha had prepared "Potluck Chicken" (or as it it sometimes called City Chicken) to round out our potluck.  We always have great meals and it is always a marvel to me that the meal is usually well balanced.   After dinner Martha asked each of the men to tell the rest of us how , when and where they had met their wife (special friend).  That was interesting and fun.  When the men had finished she asked the women to answer the same questions.  For the most part the women agreed with what the men had said.  We played a few rounds of dominos but we were all too tired to play a complete game.


Saturday morning Willard & Martha had served us a very tasty breakfast.  They had an Egg Casserole, fresh fruit, juice and rolls. We ate like we were starved and we enjoyed lots of breakfast table talk and laughs.  Saturday afternoon our Honorary Members rejoined us for the afternoon. We played Bingo with traveling prizes.  When you So a prize you had to try and hide it so it didn't get taken away from you.  We laughed ourselves silly and there were several presents that were in great demand.

Every couple went home with something...it may not have been their first choice but all of the prizes were useful and fun.  Then it was time to give ourselves a little time to refresh before we headed to Galesburg for dinner at the Iron Spike Bar & Grill.  It was a very nice sports grill and brewing approximately $15.00 which was housed in the former Galesburg Fire Station.  A beautiful building with many of its original furnishings, including the brass fire pole used by the firemen for many years. In addition to having Jan, Bob, Ned & Betty with us we also met up with Gene & Darlene Groff who had been camping in Kewanee but came to Galesburg to have dinner with all of us.  The place had a very pleasant atmosphere and the food was very good ( a really complete menu with something for every taste and the service was great. (It was a little noisy which made it hard to have a conversation but the food and the service made up for the lack of soft music. 


Sunday morning was casual.  We took what leftovers we had from the previous 2 days and with fresh coffee we enjoyed a breakfast together.  Some wanted to go back to Galesburg to do a little shopping and some wanted to get ready to go home.  It had been a near-perfect weekend.


Remember that we are going to Kentuckiana for the weekend of October 11 -13.  Call Joyce & Dick to let them know if you are planning to be there. (Phone 309-697-9343, Cell 309-453-8817 or email.  That is the weekend Kentuckiana provides a Chili Supper and we will be able to purchase pie & ice cream to finish the meal. So we will be eating dinner there Friday night and will plan to go out for dinner Saturday night.  We will go early enough that those who want to go to the music show will get back in plenty of time.


 Gene & Darlene want all of you to put this date on your calendar.  November 11, at 4:00 pm we will be having our fall dinner together at Fairview Farms Restaurant. They have chosen that we will have the Chicken Dinner, Family Style.  It will cost approximately $15.00 each.  They did not pick a second entree as it would make the meal too expensive. Please call Gene & Darlene to let them know if you will be attending. Call 309-274-5088 or D. cell 309-635-8690 or G. cell 309-251-5088..


Hope to see all of you in both October and November


Joyce Jones